Fresh Cheeses

Chevre: A semi-soft French style goat cheese hand formed and coated in organic herbs, dried fruit, or on it’s own. Very fresh tasting with a tang. Creamy but crumbly when cold for use on bread or crackers, over salad or pasta. Some varieties also available in tubs.

Chevre garlic 2

Greek StyleFeta: Our 100% goat milk feta is bold flavored and crumbly yet creamy with a salty finish. Packed in brine. Great on a spinach salad, pizza or in an omelet

Feta 3

Marinated Feta: Our Greek style feta cubed and marinated in olive oil with roasted peppers, mild black olives, and herbs. A quick meal when tossed with pasta or served over salad with a splash of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. Farm based fast food!

Marinated 2

Whole Milk Ricotta: Fresh and milky with a slight sweetness, our goat milk ricotta fits into any recipe calling for ricotta. Enjoy it on your morning toast or with fruit or honey right out of the tub.



Whole Milk Probiotic Yogurt:  Goat milk  and probiotic cultures. No thickeners, no additives of any kind. Full bodied and tangy with some post acidification in the refrigerator.


Raw Milk Aged Cheeses

Available periodically when we have enough milk and the time to carefully make theses specialty cheeses.

Drunken Goat out of first drink2

Our Drunken Goat aged 8 – 10 weeks

Ridge Reserve 9-2010

Ridge Reserve washed curd with smoked peppercorns aged 6 months

waxing montasio - dawn 12-12_edited-1

Montasio, an Italian Monastery recipe reminiscent of a young Parmesan, being waxed prior to ageing 9 months.


Goat Milk Fudge

Fudge made with our own whole goat milk rather than sweetened condensed milk. Creamy and rich in a variety of flavors including Double Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Almond, and Chocolate Mint. No palm oil so please refrigerate.