stablished in 2003 Acorn Hill Farm grew out of a desire to have the healthiest food possible for our family. A large vegetable garden, fruit trees and berry brambles and the addition of two goats as family milkers gave us most of what we needed. The journey to running a licensed creamery was brought about by a number of fortunate circumstances, tenacity, and being nudged by a friend who organized a local farmers market. After visiting some of the few small on farm creameries in New York to see how others had set up their facilities and contacting the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets for guidance the first steps toward construction of the creamery were taken. Having our home kitchen certified for making fudge and a few other items allowed Acorn Hill Farm to sell at the Pine Bush Farmers’ Market and to begin purchasing equipment for the creamery. Doing much of the work ourselves using what was our garage things slowly came together.


Creamery equipment and walls


After what felt like centuries but was actually only a couple of years all the pieces were in place and we had our final state inspection and received our license to produce cheese using milk from our herd of goats.  Since then the herd has grown and we produce cheese year round selling at regional farmers markets, to chefs, and through a small distributor.


Montasio in the vat 2-10-14 crop