The Farm

Where the milk comes from

Our Nubian dairy goats provide the milk for our cheeses. Nubians produce rich delicious milk with high butterfat giving our cheese the rich and creamy texture that our customers love. Subtle changes in the milk over the course of the year create unique flavors and textures that define farmstead cheesemaking

Our goats are all named and loved and all but two were born on the farm. Our girls spend their entire life with us producing delicious milk and beautiful daughters to complete the life cycle of the dairy.

The Creamery

Where goat cheese happens

Carefully made in small batches, our fresh goat cheeses and yogurt are produced to meet weekly demand and are delivered to both retail and wholesale customers at peak freshness. 

Aged cheeses made both with pasteurized and raw milk offer a range of textures and flavors from our version of a drunken wine soaked cheese to our Montasio inspired wheels aged for a minimum of six months. Aged cheeses are made in limited seasonal batches so check with us on availability.

In addition to cheeses and yogurt we also make goat milk fudge and cajeta caramel sauce using our home grown goat milk. These sweet treats will delight and satisfy.