Artisan Cheeses

Fresh chevre and whole milk ricotta are made so they get to our customers within a few days of when the milk was produced. Both are versatile for cooking and chevre logs make a pretty addition to a cheeseboard. 

Our 100% goat milk Greek style feta is crumbly but creamy with milkiness and funk and saltiness from the brine we pack it in.  Try our whole goat milk yogurt in late fall and early winter for a thick tangy treat while spring yogurt is thinner, lighter and perfect for smoothies.





About Our Goats


Our small herd of Nubian goats is made up of around 35 does who we milk twice a day year round. We care for our animals using natural methods, love and respect. Happy healthy goats are the foundation of everything we do



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“In continuing our trip across the country’s local cheese farmers,  we stopped to talk to two goat cheese farmers in New York State.  Neither is certified organic,  and we’ve loved growing to understand the reasons behind their choices”

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Organic Authority

“Okay, full disclosure, we are cheese freaks! So, when we saw this lovely cheese station we had to exhibit a little bit of restraint. Featured from Acorn Hill were three wonderful goat cheeses. First a mild chevre, accompanied with honey and lavender, roasted garlic and sundried tomato. Next up, marinated feta, with olives, herbs, and chilies. Lastly, a deliciously creamy ricotta with cracked black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Ah, sweet heaven!”

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Events and Farmers’ Markets

Visit us at regional wine and food events as wells as farmers’ markets throughout the year.


We offer both retail packaged items as well as bulk packaging for restaurants.


Bring small batch artisan cheeses into your kitchen.